Birthday Surprise



1. Begin by soaking the floral foam in water until it is fully saturated. Place liner and then the wet foam inside the round container that comes with the rose gold square flower box.

2. Place an optional birthday crown around the round section.

3. Select the flowers of your choice, keeping in mind the color palette and style you desire. Spray roses, carnations, peonies, and veronicas work beautifully for this arrangement.

4. Trim the stems of the flowers at an angle, allowing them to absorb water effectively and fit nicely into the floral foam. Vary the stem lengths to create depth and dimension.

5. Start by placing the focal flowers, such as roses, in the center of the arrangement, arranging them at different heights for visual interest.

6. Surround the focal flowers with complementary blooms, like hydrangeas, filling in the gaps and creating a lush and full arrangement.

7. Add delicate touches of baby’s breath or other filler flowers to provide texture and soften the overall look.

Step back and admire your spectacular rose gold square flower box arrangement, a perfect gift for birthdays or any special occasion.



Here we have an arrangement that combines elegance and functionality. This remarkable arrangement combines the beauty of flowers with a touch of elegance and surprises.


The rose gold flower box adds a touch of sophistication and glamor to the arrangement. Its exquisite rose gold color exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The clear square design allows the natural beauty of the blooms to shine through, creating a captivating visual display.


For those seeking a celebratory touch, go get yourself a birthday crown that lights up. We  placed one gracefully over the round container. This illuminated crown adds a delightful and festive element to the arrangement, perfect for birthdays and joyous occasions. However, it can be omitted if the arrangement is intended for other purposes.


The Round Container securely holds the floral foam, ensuring the longevity and freshness of the flowers. The Drawer Enclosure provides a hidden space, offering versatility for personalization. You can include personalized messages, small gifts, or heartfelt surprises to make the arrangement truly unique and memorable.


The carefully curated flower selection includes stunning carnations, luxurious peonies, delicate spray roses, and graceful veronicas. These blooms come together to create a harmonious blend of colors, shapes, and fragrances that evoke a sense of beauty and elegance.


While this arrangement can certainly add a touch of celebration to birthdays, it is versatile and can be gifted on various occasions. Whether it’s an anniversary, graduation, or simply to convey love and appreciation, this Rose Gold Flower Arrangement is a perfect choice.


Surprise your loved one with this extraordinary arrangement, filled with the beauty of flowers. The hidden surprises within the Drawer Enclosure add an element of excitement and anticipation. It is a gift that will leave a lasting impression and create memorable moments.


Experience the enchantment of this remarkable flower arrangement and let the rose gold box and exquisite blooms bring joy and beauty to any occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday or any other celebration, this arrangement is sure to delight and make a statement of love and appreciation.